RING for children

Fri Aug 23rd 2019 6:00PM Musiikkitalo Concert hall

Sat Aug 24th 2019 2:00PM Musiikkitalo Concert Hall

Sat Aug 24th 2019 6:00PM Musiikkitalo Concert Hall


Performances at Musiikkitalo Concert Hall:

Fri Aug 23rd 6:00 PM

Sat Aug 24th 2:00 PM

Sat Aug 24th 6:00 PM

RING for children is a production of the Bayreuth Opera Festival. Teatro Productions will introduce the opera in Helsinki in the summer of 2019. The artistic director of the Bayreuth Festival Katharina Wagner and Markus Latsch have created RING for children, a shorter version of the original RING tetralogy. RING for children brings Wagner’s massive cycle, composed of four operas, to Helsinki as a two-hour experience for the whole family to enjoy.

The story of RING features humans and mythological creatures, gods and dwarves, animals and water-nymphs. The story revolves around the mystical Ring of the Nibelung, which is wanted by everyone as it grants the power to rule the world. But can the world and nature be ruled?

The Finnish version of Ring for children is a visually striking and musically remarkable opera production that will fascinate both children and adults.
The cast includes both young up-and-coming and experienced Wagner singers, and they will be accompanied by the Helsinki Chamber Orchestra.

The performances will be given under the patronage of bass Matti Salminen.

Production: Bayreuther Festspiele (2018)
Concept: Katharina Wagner, Markus Latsch
Director: David Merz
Statging: Julius Theodor Semmelmann
Dramaturgy: Ruth Asralda
Lightning design: Peter Younes
Costume design: Ina Kromphart
Production: Teatro Productions Oy / International Opera Company Finland
Director´s assistant (Finland): Ina Hukki
Finnish translation: Auli Särkiö
Conductor: Chloé Dufresne
Orchestra: Helsinki Chamber Orchestra
In co-operation with: Helsinki Music Center, Helsinki Festival, Richard Wagner Cultural Association


Wotan / Der Wanderer – Juha Kotilainen
Brünnhilde – Tiina-Maija Koskela
Siegmund / Siegfried – Olavi Suominen
Freia / Waldfogel – Marika Hölttä
Woglinde /Sieglinde – Hannakaisa Nyrönen
Wellgunde – Kaisa Näreranta
Flosshilde/Fricka – Anu Ontronen
Mime – Jere Martikainen
Loge – Mikko Sateila
Alberich – Samuli Takkula
Fasolt / Hunding – Matti Turunen
Fafner/ Hagen – Aapo Kilpelä

Our partners in RING for children:


Richard Wagners „Der Ring des Nibelungen“ für Kinder auf Grundlage der Kinderoper „Der Ring des Nibelungen“ der Bayreuther Festspiele 2018 in der Inszenierung von David Merz und im Bühnenbild von Julius Theodor Semmelmann mit freundlicher Genehmigung der Bayreuther Festspiele


Bayreuther Festspiele 2018
Wahner für Kinder – Der Ring des Nibelungen
© Bayreuther Festspiele / Enrico Nawrath