Upcoming productions

La Passion de Simone

Touching and philosophical La Passion de Simone’s by Kaija Saariaho will be performed in the Helsinki Concert Hall.

koria täti

Koria täti (aunt Koria) is a production by Saaristo-ooppera and tells the tale of a slowly dementing old woman, who is isolated from the rest of the family and locked in her personal chambers. Olli Kortekangas’ composition is accompanied by Tommi Kinnunen’s libretto. Päivi Nisula shines in the leading role.

KANSANRADIO (the people's radio)

Kansanradio opera is a new Finnish chamber opera. The libretto of is based on the rich content of the Kansanradio radio program, which has been broadcasted on YLE for more than forty years.


Kaija Saariaho‘s first stage work, Study for Life, had its only performance in February 1981. Now the new generation is bringing its own interpretation of this enigmatic first step towards opera, combining it with a stage version of the violin concerto Graal Théâtre.


Joonas Kokkonen’s hit opera The Last Temptations will be heard in the summer of 2022 in Joensuu’s Church as a dramatized concert version. Esa Ruuttunen will be singing the role of Paavo Ruotsalainen.


The film “Taivas ja Helvetti” (Heaven and Hell”), directed by Riitta Rask is a biography documentary following the legendary composer and conductor Kari Tikka

BACH - Torikka - Uotinen

A surprising encounter – light, sound, motion. Opera singer Waltteri Torikka and legendary artist Jorma Uotinen have designed a dramatic mix of sound, light and movement around J. S. Bach’s cantatas for bass voice.


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