Love is STRONG as death

THU 8.10.2020 klo 19.00, The alexander theatre

FRI 9.10.2020 klo 19.00, THE ALEXANDER THEATRE

SAT 10.10.2020 klo 19.00, THE ALEXANDER THEATRE

SUN 11.10.2020 klo 16.00, THE ALEXANDER THEATRE


Performances at the Alexander Theatre:

THU 8.10.2020 klo 19.00
FRI 9.10.2020 klo 19.00
SAT 10.10.2020 klo 19.00
SUN 11.10.2020 klo 16.00

“Love is Strong as Death” composed and scripted by Kari Tikka premieres at the Alexander Theater on October 8, 2020. Other performances are October 9, October 10 and October 11, 2020.

The opera expresses, with its rough and beautiful expression, the hope of the salvation of all mankind and creation. The opera challenges the traditional moralistic concept of good and evil. Music, dance and shaking staging meet the hidden depths of man in a strange but warm way. Scenes and costumes designed by Anna Kontek play a central role as visual elements.

Composer: Kari Tikka
Libretto: Kari Tikka

Conductor: Kari Tikka
Stage director: Maisa Tikka
Costume and set design: Anna Kontek
Choreography: Aku Ahjolinna
Lighting design: Janne Teivainen

Chorus: Brevis Nova
Chorus master: Matti Rankala

Production: Teatro Productions Ltd


Father: Esa Ruuttunen, baryton
Mother: Satu Vihavainen, soprano
Adam: Kristian Lindroos, baryton
Eva: Annika Leino, soprano
Cindy: Marika Hölttä, soprano
Helen: Kaisa Näreranta, mezzosoprano
Leo: Aki Alamikkotervo, tenor
Levi: Jussi Vänttinen, baryton
Morten: Hannu Forsberg, bass

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