BACH - Torikka - Uotinen

SAT 29.8. klo 20.30

SAT 29.8. klo 23.00

MON 31.8. klo 20.30


Temppeliaukio church:
SAT 29.8. at 20.30
SAT 29.8. at 23.00 
MON 31.8. at 20.30
Performance: 70 mins, no concert intermission

Tickets 48,50 € / 46,00 € (incl. handling charge)

A surprising encounter – light, sound, motion

Where do we come from, what are we and how does our earthly journey end? These questions are being answered when two generations meet at Bach’s heavenly music. Opera singer Waltteri Torikka and legendary artist Jorma Uotinen have designed a dramatic mix of sound, light and movement around J. S. Bach’s cantatas for bass voice. Pori Dance Company, Teatro Bach Ensemble and Lighting Designer Jukka Kuronen have been invited to the tour.

There will be three performances of the concert at the end of August. The lighting design of the concert takes into account natural light and its reduction as the August evening darkens, as the large windows of the Temppeliaukio Church, also known as Church of the Rock allow all natural light to enter. Therefore, the concerts will begin at 8.30 pm, with the exception of the Saturday night special, which will begin at 11 pm.

The concerts are part of the Helsinki Festival program.

Music: J. S. Bach

Directing and choreography: Jorma Uotinen

Lightning design: Jukka Kuronen

Orchestra: Teatro Bach Ensemble
Anni Elonen, concert master ja leading

Production: Teatro Productions


Waltteri Torikka, baritone
Kaisa Näreranta, mezzo soprano

Pori Dance Company:
Riku Lehtopolku
Jouni Majaniemi
Meri Tankka
Riikka Tankka

In assosiacion with: