Narva Opera Days Fri Aug 30th 7:00 PM

Narva Opera Days Sat Aug 31st 7:00 PM (Matkapojat)

Vincenzo Bellini´s Norma Opera is a leading example of the bel canto genre. Last fall, it premiered as International Opera Company Finland´s production in Espoo´s Sellosali to sold-out audiences. The Opera gained praises, and it is now possible to see it at Narva Opera Days.

In 2018, International Opera Company Finland was launched. The project aims at exporting Finnish Opera knowledge and producing international operas. As part of the project, operas are also imported to Finland. The first international opera is RING for children, a production of Bayreuth’s Opera Festival. The Finnish interpretation of RING can be seen at Helsinki Music Center during the Helsinki festival in August.

Vincenzo Bellini´s masterpiece Norma is performed at Narva Opera Days on 31 August 2019 under the direction of Ville Saukkonen, one of Finland´s most successful opera directors. Among the international performers are top soloists Guiseppe Varano and Katrin Targo.
The story takes place in a 21st century Middle Asian country and culture where the post-war insurgency is rising, and love between two people from different cultures is the worst of all crimes. It is the story of a love affair between the Roman officer, Pollione, and Norma, and the young Adalgisa, Pollione´s secret lover.
“Norma is a classic and at the same time extremely topical,” says Kaisa Näreranta, a co-founder of International Opera Company Finland.
“Multiculturalism and cultural tolerance are themes of our time and strongly reflected in Norma. The opera includes heartbreakingly beautiful melodies and emotional drama.”

A unique cultural and internationalization project

Kaisa Näreranta is a mezzo-soprano, and she sings the role of Adalgisa in Norma. Näreranta is also co-founder of Teatro Productions Oy and the company´s CEO. Alongside musical productions, Teatro Productions also produces company events.
“We want to break barriers and build bridges between people, communities, performers, and audiences,” says Kaisa Näreranta. “We co-operate with businesses and sponsors are essential to us. One of our partners, Matkapojat Oy, organizes a trip to Narva Opera Days. Thus the festival is within easy reach of Finns.”

International Opera Company Finland is Teatro Productions´ project that focuses on internationalization, producing professional operas, and bringing together the masters and apprentices. The vocalists are both young soloists striving for international breakthrough and experienced professionals.

“We have very high-quality opera productions in Finland. Unfortunately, the number of performances of any particular opera is often quite low. We can raise the profile and extend the life cycle of opera performances by exporting them.” says Näreranta.


Kreenholm, Narva Opera Days 

Fri Aug 30th 7:00 PM

Sat Aug 31th 7:00 PM (Matkapojat)

Composer: Vincenzo Bellini
Libretto: Felice Romani
Director: Ville Saukkonen
Conductor: Chloé Dufresne
Costume design: Riia Lampinen
Light and video design: Tuukka Aimasmäk
Make-up: Taru Haili
Correptitor: Laura Kivikoski
Choir: Hämäläis-Osakunnan Laulajat
Orchestra: Narva Opera Days orchestra



Norma: Katrin Targo, soprano
Adalgisa: Kaisa Näreranta, mezzo-soprano
Pollione: Giuseppe Varano, tenor
Oroveso: Kristjan Mõjsnik, bass
Clotilde: Eeva Semerdjiev, mezzo-soprano
Flavio: Ilmari Leisma, tenor

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