Riitta Rask

screenwriter / director

Riitta Rask (formerly Riihonen, 1956) is a Helsinki-based screenwriter and documentary director with a master’s degree in art. She has directed five parts for the summer series Suomalainen Onni (Finnish Happiness, 2000) for YLE TV 1; Asser Floridan Muuttolintu (Asser Florida Migratory Bird), Vävy Intiasta (Son-in-law from India), Kaksin (The Two of Us), Hyvinvointia Kiinalaisittain (Prosperity in a Chinese Way) and Onnellisten Saari (Island of the Happy). Valossa Jouko Lehtola (In Light Jouko Lehtola) documentary was completed in 2010. Rask currently works as a screenwriter and director for two documentary productions: the biopic Echoes of the Universe will be completed in 2022 and in 2024 The Helsinki Organ Story, a documentary about the future concert organs being built in the Helsinki Music Centre. Rask is a costume designer and photographer by her previous education. Her film costumes include Rauta-Aika (Iron Age, 1982), Zoja (1983), Palava Enkeli (Burning Angel, 1984) and Insiders (1988). She has also done opera costumes for Palatsi (Palace, 1996) for the Savonlinna Opera Festival, Laurentius (1994) for Helsinki’s St. Lauri’s Church, Paavo Nurmi 2000 for Helsinki Stadium and the oratorio Barabbas Dialogeja (Barabbas Dialogues, 2004) for the Naantali Music Festival. In addition, Rask has held photo exhibitions and designed theatrical costumes from 1978-2004.



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